Monday, September 25, 2006

i believe still....

everyday, i open my eyes to this world. i see a new morning. a new ray of hope and a prayer to change the world fr the better. BAH!
this is certainly not wht ppl who actually sit up and do things for themselves say. no! they do not associate themselves with teh frivolous misguidings of a new morning, because they know that there are many out there who will never see the light of day again.
and these ppl are the only reason i have the courage to dream. to work towards that dream. i was witness recently to the passing away of one such individual. Mr. Conrad Vaz, was an amazing person. if you would meet him for the first time, you would never guess that this person once had a hundred plus men under his command when he was union leader at metalbox. or that he took under his wing hundreds of streetsmart orphans when he was at snehasadan. Handling both his family as well as his extended family, with grace and with humility. i know each and everyone of his children today, i feel like i look into his eyes through his children.
every moment when the feeling of helplessness is shoved down my throat by this hollow world, i look up at the skies, at those dark clouds hovering above and know at once. that without these dark reminders to keep us company from time to time, we would never know what sunshine truly is!
and when i look at people like mr. Vaz, i immediately know... that i believe still.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

when forever ends...

at some point in time, we pretend that we can see the future.
we fool ourselves into believeing that everything will be fine, great, that the skies will always be blue and that storms will run away from us and take cover.
no matter how much we try and deny it, it will be a fact in itself that all of us fall. the real question is, are we smart enough, or strong enough to get up again.
how many times have we come across things in our lives, be it relationships, emotions, inanimate objects, moments and so much more... that we say to ourselves, "this is gonna last forever." and the truth is, it could. so we never actully lie to ourselves, we just hope. and hope in its true and purest form could never be a lie.
the saddest part is that many a times we see 'forever' falling apart and breaking into pieces falling into the abyss of the past. taking along with it, our dreams, our time and our hope.
it could happen to anyone, and at any point in time...
and then we realise how much we will miss this secure, warm feeling that let us sleep at night with a smile on our face.
when forever ends...

Friday, September 01, 2006

It all fades away,
nothing in this life is ever permanent. nothing...
from the time you are born till the time you pass on from this physical realm into a madmans hallucination of hell or heaven, you are changing.
you are ridden with guilt, the guilt of your fathers, your forefathers and your brothers.
you will bear burdens in order to earn the right to breathe. you live in a shell that you despise.
everything around you is falling apart and all you do is stand and watch , as the flowers fade away. as they fall through your finger and wed the earth below. sleeping eternally, at one.
it all fades away...