Thursday, August 30, 2007


the river runs dry, just like my eyes, i'm tired of crying, why do you always leave me, alone sitting by the fire, waiting for you to come back, to turn around and come back, to look around, please come back.
you always leave me, when i need you the most, when i'm down in the dirt and my sweat turns to dust, when i have fallen so many times that it just refuses to hurt, when the skies are so dark that the stars begin to bleed in blood of black.
when i'm all alone in a world so far away from you.
i'm cold, just like a window basking in the sunlight, alone, cold.

the sands flow through my wheels like hope through paper skin, she shines in the sun, black, with a dark light of her own, the wind chalks out its wayward poetry in its dancing speckles of dust, a poetry that i can feel and taste, i hold her as she glides on a path tread by many, i calm her down because she knows it's hers alone.. she sits poised with grace, dancing with the stillness of time, demure, under the night sky she burns in the moonlight, i look into her eyes and see the stars play with her in her song, she sets me free, angel, with wings on both sides, come... fly away with me.