Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tiger's Woofs of Wisdom - On Hugs


Blink blink blink blink blink.........

the world can pass by in a blink,
in a shotgun blast,
in a bomb going off,
in being run over,
in jumping off a cliff,

and life goes on... blink blink blink blink...

time and time again,
we walk down these very roads,
and time and time again,

time will always pass us by, but we will never forget eachother,
never let us slip away,
although this time, time must fly by,
we will always relive those days.

i sit here and remember,
all of the friends tht i've made,
i smile as i think of the laughter,
that made me forget the pain.

but we will never forget eachother,
never let us slip away,
although this time, time must fly,
we will relive those days.

i walk up n remember,
the very first time i got caught,
i trembled n i shuddered,
i was in a real tight spot.

i lounge around the campus,
i remember the first kiss,
i will always remember,
because tht was my first wish.

i remember the times we fought,
the times when we refused to talk,
sometimes i think of those times,
n it pushes 'nother nail in my heart.

and life goes on... blink blink blink blink...

Monday, November 26, 2007

Tiger's Woofs of Wisdom - On Life :)

Something that Tiger truly believes. You can never catch him taking life seriously... ever! :)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Tiger's Woofs of Wisdom

Tiger's my really smart pup. He's a boxer-lab mix & he's really really smart. In fact, he's decided to contribute to my blog with his little woofs of wisdom. This one's his first of many more to come :)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

this was my baby :)

well if you wonder what i do @ work (when i did write concepts for, have a look at this game. wrote the concept along with juneston. it's fun, the art came out great n 'scientist' did a great job on the programming :) hope u like it.
wrote everything from how it will function, the names of the jumps, gameplay features & all the text you see in it. went crazy when i was coming up with stuff, but it had to be capped 'in order to keep ethnic sentiments' in mind :P
the game's simple. simply type what appears in the grenades before the guy hits rock bottom. the dives get more complicated after each level. enjoy :)
P.S: If the sound gets too annoying, there is a MUTE button to the UPPER RIGHT CORNER. Click on it. :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

PaperView - Doodles of a Madman

An idle mind is my own workshop, the devil was kinda ticked off but he does make a bad tenant :P
Drew these out of idleness, anger, frustration, epiphany etc. (not necessarily in that order) :) hope you like em.

It's a circle, a vicious circle.

"I didn't do it... I swear."

Speak now or forever hold your peace.
(This one was drawn on a piece of tissue. Desperate times these.)

Coming together.

Throwing it all away...




Absolute freedom is hell?

Holey! (?)

Split Personality

A character i created. Say hello balle balle to Ab-Surd! :)

err... the machine v/s us.

sleep. dream... wake up. deliver...


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

2 angels right there! Can u spot 'em? :P

that's one right there behind me :) & the other one is the one that we're cruising on. hey hey hey, it might be a little cheesy but i guess love kinda does that to you. it puts you in a dreamy world where you can touch clouds as they pass by & pigs fly :P
credits to Vilsen who took this picture the following morning after our overnight at manori.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Conspicous Baker or True Food Lover! LOL

The guy who created this one sure does have a real sick sense of humor. :P
Saw this at my aunt's place who till i pointed it out to her didn't quite see her 'cute' little baker boy that 'hung' around in her kitchen in the same way as i did.
From the looks of it, this guy either died with a stiffy on or is a real food 'lover'! Any which ways, this never fails to crack me up :D
Current Status - Out of my aunt's kitchen n into some suitcase. Hopefully, i get a hold of it soon. :)

"Maybe he's just happy to see you :D"

A Closer Look at the 'Food Loving Baker'. Notice the look of total bliss on his face :P

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Snapshots from my life.

i tried capturing time, just a few seconds to cherish.
i might have failed in holding it in the palm of my hands,
as i watched it slip by like sand between my fingers,
but i did manage to seize a few memories, of sunlit skies & shadowed trees,
of heaven-kissed smiles & a little beauty in the breeze

Here are a few...

She knows that i am trapped, she seeks to set me free. She's looking for salvation, in her arms lies the key. Lonavla 2007

The road keeps calling me. And i answer every time. Road trip to Goa 2007

Sailing in the same boat.... as always. Manori 2006

Mysterious Steps in the middle of nowhere. Lonavla 2007

In the wind, the sweet music that they make as they dance to the beat of the heavens. Lonavla 2007

Lonely Rays of Sunlight. Falling through the window. Desperately trying to touch someone. Lonavla 2007

Afternoon's at Bandstand. Summer of 2005

She stands by me, looking over my shoulder. Keeps me from falling. Lonavla 2007.

i call this - work :D

one fine morning in the middle of discussing a concept...That's us. We're bad.... real bad. Especially Juneston, but guess he's kinda bad in everything he does :P

this was during the first few months at work. the chimp u see in the clip is the games2win mascot - chimpu. Varun n i decided to have some fun one day (as usual) n this clip was born. lemme know if u guys would like to see some more videos of featuring us 'work' :)

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Tigers Nest - Where you meet the heavens

Believe it or not. This place really exists. Hopefully, my retirement plan includes this beautiful monastery located somewhere in Burma.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The human spirit

She cruises on the dark chunky mass of road at around 70kmph. She's smooth alright, I have to literally get myself off my seat in order to hear her hum the loveliest of songs. I watch as life passes me by, 6 inches below my feet, streaks, moving along, in one direction. And it gets me thinking... thats us. Those little dots on the road. Tiny pieces. All inked together somehow. We're all human. Aren't we? Are we?

These are a few conclusions that I have drawn over the past few years, brought about by my insolent stubbornness, radical ideas (which have peeved & on rarer occasions, amused my friends & family) & a lot of dimwitted self talking & what i like to call 'personal blabbles' that i've had with God. Yes, I do talk to Him, cause He's the only one who acknowledges my madness blindly.
Anyways, coming back to my own conclusions, i have incurred the following:
1. The Human Spirit is blind.
2. The Human Spirit belongs to no particular religion.
3. The Human Spirit does not rationalize.
4. The Human Spirit cannot obey the laws of the land.
5. The Human Spirit cannot be bound, physically or mentally.

It is BLIND because it does not see colour or beauty. Neither does it see or acknowledge gender or fear. It simply refuses to discriminate.
It belongs to NO RELIGION because it simply refuses to be bound.
It does not RATIONALIZE because people often do really stupid things in order to save someone or help them in need, often putting their own safety at risk.
It cannot BE BOUND & thus does NOT OBEY ANY LAW. Come on... try stopping the human spirit. It will just keep going.... an admirable trait.

To end with, this is a song i heard just a few days ago. Worth a listen. The Human Spirit... kick-start it in you... today!