Saturday, May 15, 2010

Good Bye Blue Skies

My Experiments with Black & White.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Goafest 2010 - Did Digital Survive?

Goafest 2010.
Just like the oldest profession in the world - advertising, would like you to believe, this year was supposed to be a celebration of the freshest. And just like advertising, it failed to deliver this promise.

'No Scams This Year' was another feature being marketed right from the start, bringing about a lot of hope to the guys with more sincere & really published work. The first few minutes inside any of the rooms soon shattered this marketing myth as well. The entries shamelessly reeked of scam, another promise broken. Walking among the them felt like taking a virtual stroll inside the Archives. There would be succour if the work, scam undoubtedly, was at least fresh. This year saw recurring themes, ideas & rip-offs. The judges obviously, had to have a gun to their head while short-listing these. I shudder while another reason comes to mind, that the rest were just not good enough.

Another reason which had many seething was the bastard child treatment which Digital received. Once again a fact: bigger agencies are struggling to get their digital arms up & running consistently trying to convince brands that they have what it takes thanks to their mastery of traditional media. Unfortunately, a lot of clients buy into this, their brand managers being old suits who simply cannot comprehend or perceive the power of the medium. So their BIG idea on the internet (something which a lot of bigger agencies are shamelessly pitching & executing) is to have their TVC on youtube or God forbid, with an added bit of interactivity, which translates into a quiz based on their TVC. Many of these brand managers are thus, conned into believing that this works with inflated numbers & clicks which are bought at a pittance. This puts these agencies in a very comfortable place, thus, not changing, eventually asphyxiating & crippling the medium. What no one realizes is, that the online space can completely overthrow the traditional, lesser engaging forms of media. People WANT to talk, not only listen. Its in their blood & you can't stop them. The BIG FISH know this & are scurrying around, groping in the dark to make their mark in an industry they do not want to understand. But don't be fooled, they don't want you to know this. They make every attempt to appear calm, be in control, throw their weight around.

LOL (That's laughs out loudly for the uninitiated traditional medium oldies) @ the big fish, because the bigger are, the harder they fall.

PS: Some people might call this a mindless rant, sour grapes or pure insanity. i call it my opinion & you're free to oppose it. Buy me a drink & I'll be more than happy to debate this ;) (all the oldies - That's a wink by the way)