Friday, November 28, 2008

Screw the Spirit of Bombay!

For long have people slept, for long has this one sentence comforted us into our holes. 'The Spirit of Mumbai' is ignorance. It is loathed with 'calm down, it will be okay'. IT IS NOT OKAY! We have been beaten, bludgeoned, battered, bruised & yet we 'bounce back'. NO! Lets not bounce back. Get MAD! Get angry. Shout scream & cry. Weep Bombay. Weep for you are sleeping. Constantly saying that this is a bad dream & it shall pass by dawn. NO! It shall not. We slip deeper into the darkness & we stay silient.

This is a plea to everyone. Do not sit down. Do not let them take you into the night & kill you. Silence the ones who tell you that you cannot do anything. You can do EVERYTHING! Awake. Arise & feel again. Do not be insensitive. Do something about it. Join a movement. Take up a cause. DO NOT SUPPORT divisive politics. Condemn it. Refer to all terrorists as cowards. Do not glorify them. Glorify the heroes that have laid down their lives for yours. Here & at the border. Push the government to lay down firm policies & a federal terror law that NO ONE is above of. ACT NOW.

The Spirit of Mumbai does not it bounces back... the spirit of Mumbai wants to fight back & now is the time! Jai Hind!

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Tamanna said...

Wonder if things will change this time too. The hype has died down already and it has been only a month past the attacks.