Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Before I begin what some may call a very partisan & biased read, I would like to put you through an exercise. Nothing much, just a small & simple exercise, something that will be fun if you allow it. Here goes then. Simply spot the difference between these 2 pictures.

Now there will be those who will argue that one is human while one is a primate. Both look relatively peeved with something & both look like they could use a banana. Where the fruit is applicable is rather quite debatable. But for the other few who do not see any difference between the 2 whatsoever... congratulations.

Before you go up ahead & light those effigies bearing my image (how the hell do they get those so quickly? do they have a stock of them somewhere...I wonder) this post is not anti-hindu or anti- any religion. Nor is it as a call or a plea to help minorities that be burning off in the distance. Nor is it anti-monkey or any other sort of animal. This post is simply put - ANTI-FUNDAMENTALIST! Period.

The angry monkey you see above does not belong to a religion. His kind are found everywhere, set to stand up & fight for anything. Be it religion, caste, creed, colour of the skin, vegetable prices, unclipped toenails or bad breath. The 'Fundamental Fool', your typical unemployed 'nothing to lose' youngster transcends every boundary known to man. Religious or political.

These gems of society wail & wallow in self pity shouting out to the world that they have been wronged. They take to violence in order to claw back their rights. They are there because no one else bothers to take up such an issue. I reckon because everyone is out there with a job & a family to feed. But no, these guardians of 'our' rights & 'our' sentiments have to be out there restoring sanity to our world.

Every religion is plagued by this 'It hurts our sentiments' fundamentalist. Constantly trying to fight tooth & nail over a sordid issue that is frankly, worth less than a million buckets of human waste. Land, blasphemy, conversions, insults, the list is endless.

An appeal goes out to everyone with at least one ticking grey cell. PLEASE OPEN YOUR EYES. DO NOT CO-OPERATE. Refrain from acknowledging their propaganda let alone discussing it. These antics that they resort to, violence, murder, constant protest & the odd hunger strike is to distract you. Take you away from the real issues. Issues that them & their kind have no answers to. Answers that all of us need to ask...

Look Jesus! I'm saved!

"Down with Europe! Hey BTW, where are we?"
"Errrm... Europe."

"See Shoumak. I told you this would be better than any movie we could go for. Come on! You're missing out on the fun. Get stomping already!"

!!!! WAKE UP !!!!

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